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"Dr. Swalley Saved My Life"

"I Had Major Migraines"

Tyrone's Herniated Disc

Apryl's Knee Issues

Theron's Sciatica

Jason's Shoulder Pain

Habib's Neuropathy

Kim's Multiple Sclerosis

"I've Never Had Results Like This"

Raymond's Asthma

Kathryn's Fertility Treatment

Robin's Low Back Pain

Sandra's Dancing

Josh's Broken Neck

Robert's Sports Injuries

Alison's Headaches

John's Sciatica

Gloria's Back Pain

Barbara's Arthritis

Charles' Low Back Pain

Ruth Pain Free at 82!

Dr. Rich Benjamin Chiropractor New Patient Special

"Dr. Ben has given me hope for the first time"

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1698 SC-160 Suite 140, Fort Mill, SC 29708, USA
1698 SC-160 Suite 140, Fort Mill, SC 29708, USA

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