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6 HIIT Workouts You Can Do At Home

6 HIIT Workouts You Can Do At Home

August 20, 20233 min read

During the past few months, people have been spending more time at home. This has given people the chance to pick up new hobbies, catch up on TV shows, communicate with family members and friends, take care of their overall health and wellness. While gyms might be closed, there are still ways that people can stay in shape through home workouts. While it is nice to go outside and run, bike, or swim, there are also workouts called high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routines.

For those who might not know, high-intensity interval training workouts involve max-effort movements that are broken up by short rest periods. In addition to boosting overall athletic performance, HIIT workouts can also be used to burn calories quickly, improve cardiovascular health, and build muscle strength. For those looking to learn more about HIIT workouts, there are a few examples to note.

Body-Weight HIIT Workouts

Some high-intensity interval training workouts do not require any equipment at all. These are often termed body-weight workouts. Some of the top workouts to note include:

1. Burpees

Burpees are a classic HIIT workout. To perform this exercise:

  • Start in a standing position with the feet hip-width apart

  • Quickly squat and place the hands on the ground

  • Kick the feet back into a plank position

  • Do a single push-up

  • Pull the feet back into the squat position

  • Jump as high as possible with the arms extended

This exercise can be done several times in a row before a break.

2. Jump Squat

Those who want to focus on their quads can stick to the jump squat. To perform this exercise:

  • Start in a standing position with the feet shoulder-width apart

  • Quickly enter a squat position with the butt even with the knees

  • Jump as high as possible with the arms extended

  • Land softly on the ground

This is a great way to target the muscles of the lower body

3. Plank and Hold

A classic core exercise, a plank is a versatile routine that can be held for several minutes with breaks in between. To perform a plank exercise:

  • Place the forearms and elbow on the ground at the front with the feet in the back

  • Then, lift the body off the ground so that only the toes, elbows, and forearms are touching the floor

  • To make this exercise harder, consider lifting one leg off the ground or one arm off the ground

This will quickly shred the core and can be repeated several times.

HIIT Workouts with Weights

Of course, there are other high-intensity interval training workouts that can be done with weights. A few of the top HIIT weight training workouts to note include:

4. Deadlift

To perform a deadlift:

  • Start in a standing position with the feet shoulder-width apart

  • Hold dumbbells near the thighs, facing in

  • Slowly slide the weights down and lift them up again

During this exercise, keep the spine straight

5. Burpee Dumbbell

To perform this exercise, do the burpee above; however, during the jump, hop over the dumbbells from side to side. The added length of the jump adds a new challenge.

6. Dumbbell Press

Similar to a benchpress, performing this exercise entails:

  • Start in a standing position with the feet hip-width apart

  • Hold the dumbells at the height of the shoulder

  • While extending the arms upward, exhale, and return the weights to their original position

This routine can be performed several times before a break.

Leverage the Intensity of HIIT Workouts

Most of these exercises can be performed in sets of ten before taking a break. Going through a few quick reps can quickly boost athletic performance and muscle strength.

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Dr. Rich Benjamin, DC.

Dr. Rich Benjamin graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 2005. He is certified in the Gonstead technique and was President of the Gonstead Study Club during his tenure at Sherman. He specializes in Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain and Peripheral Neurological in Fort Mill, SC.

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